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Sparking - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 trainer/editor
I downloaded the program, and it's great and it definitely works for the Dragon Balls and 100% completition, but I can't get Disc Fusion to work at all. I'm not entirely sure if it's meant to unlock the Disc Fusion modes by itself, or allow Disc Fusion to work without changing disks, but either way neither works.

When I try to go to Disc Fusion, it just gives me the usual "please open the front tray" message, and that's as far as it goes.

I'm using PCSX2 1.0.0, with Budokai Tenkaichi 3 USA from a DVD, not an ISO. Is that the problem?

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Nah nothing you do is the problem;3, seems I didn't even checked that option properly initially or messed with some of the updates as it was pretty simple code to begin with>.>, gonna check what's wrong and fix it. Thanks for the bug report.

Edit: Fixed in latest version>.>.
There was a silly problem, but I also found out, the code will not work on a game if disc fusion already was used without success earlier on current game(savestates counts). Just restart the game/emulation and continue from normal save, the cheat should then work just fine, it can also be deactivated after entering disc fusion as the game saves this info until the restart. Added note about this to the button mouse-over info as well.
It works now! Great job! Thank you!
Update 2013-06-05:
Sparking! version x3i
Lots of stuff, check included readme which pretty much is abused as a changelog. Also you should notice a pdf included ~ I wrote a manual, it probably sucks, but better than nothing especially with my randomness at naming options and amount of built-in features. Hopefully it covers all the confusing stuff;].
Hey this trainer doesn't work in Story Mode for me :|

Is it only for DUEL???

I really like it so far, a lot of options!
For it to work in story mode, change the checkbox with "Cheat Enabled" from colored to fully checked. It'll then find adresses each new fight since they're changing between fights of story mode.
This is quite a bit slower and you'll see a second of delay the beginning of each fight. Limit Break II cheat and it's customizable options will be totally useless when the checkbox is fully checked as well, change the checkbox back to colored for all other modes to avoid all of those limitations(ie not only for duels, but also tournament, only story mode needs a change). Oh and make note in some fights of story mode you actually have to loose or make your hp drop for certain scene or character change to activate, cheating there can ruin those scripted scenes or make you stuck wondering what's wrong.
Awesome, thanks for helping me out. If I ever run into the parts where I need to fail I'll turn it off!

But, I love the program a lot... thanks for uploading it Smile
^You're welcome:3

Anyway a quick Sparking! version x3j released:
2 new features, some tweaks and quite a few bugfixes, nothing serious, rather minor slightly irritating bugs, some were totally hidden before I added new features;p. Oh and since I added new variables, old profile file is useless once again(in case anyone would use it;p).
Refer to included changelog for more info.
Pardon the lame question but I don't get it, this program has been created to do... what? D: Activate bonus statuses and such?
It's for whatever you want, from using it as a simple trainer and potara editor, through using customizable scripts to totally mod the gameplay to even never downloading/using it.

Generally if you don't even have idea what "trainers" are and possibly not even being interested in game it's for, probably your best bet would be the last option.;p

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