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Full Version: About the backwards characters in FFX(gameindex.dbf)
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It's a common problem people have. It's somewhat comical, but I've read a couple of threads where it can be game breaking. Mostly the character will just run in a huge circle and make his attack, but I've read of a couple of instances where the character runs off the screen and never comes back.

The fix is setting EE rounding mode to Negative. Turning the clamping modes up has also been reported to work - but for me I had to change the rounding mode.

So my question is - is there a reason one of these fixes isn't applied by gameindex.dbf? Since it's an obvious problem with a very popular game and we have a known fix, I wondered if the fix didn't break something else and maybe that's why it wasn't included?

I played through the entire game with the Clamping modes turned all the way up, I applied negative EE rounding on my first backwards battle and never turned it off and had no problems.

So anyway, if there are no issues with it, I would like to get it included in the database of automatic game fixes. I can figure out the best combination of settings to use if there is no reason not to include them. I didn't wanna make a test until I was sure it was useful though!
I don't know of any breakages with negative round mode.
There could be some though so best wait for some other opinions Smile
So anyone else gonna comment?
When does this error occur? I've just started my ffx up and I've not encountered it yet..
It happens in different places, but a really common one is the Spherimorph fight. That was the first time it happened for me, and that's WAY into the game. Also sometimes the summon Bahamut will do his overdrive backwards and shoot the wrong way.
We will want to have a memory card save before that fight.
I sent it to you.
It also occurs during the Geosgaeno battle, which is pretty early on in the game. Here's a save state I made for the NTSC-U version of the game:

The save state was created seconds before the Geosgaeno battle starts, so it should make it pretty easy to poke at this bug.
Problem with saveSTATES is that they change with emulator revision. As long as you made that on 1.2.1 or 1.3.0 it should be okay though. But another reason we don't like to use states for bug testing, is because they include EVERYTHING in them. For this bug that's not relevant, but for some bugs, the savestate can save the "bug" so to speak.

It seems different versions of the game do it in different places. As I said the first time it happened for me was with Spherimorph. It didn't happen during the Geosgaeno fight for me.
Oh I did not know that. I was wondering why rama was asking for a memory card save. Thanks for the explanation. As far as the save state itself, it was made with the c89e703 build from two days ago so it's pretty recent. Should I attach a memory card save? There's a save point right before the battle so that's pretty convenient for testing as well.
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