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Custom Shaders for GSdx
I have even less knowledge about that;P, anyway trying to learn few basic things I did something stupid which made me laugh:

.7z   Drunk shader.7z (Size: 531 bytes / Downloads: 10.632)
Name says it all, it basically will give sick and simplified colors which in faster/action games will constantly change, guess that's only funny for people trying to enhance their gameplay after getting drunk xD.

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I already select plugin Gsdx r5099m, I didn't get it what is the different? Any pic comparison?
^Nothing visually changes by default. It "only" adds ability to use shaders(like fxaa and whatever you create on your own) from external files without recompiling gsdx and stuff like that. Through that's all well described in the first post, soo maybe read such stuff before downloading. >.<
Did it! Phew...

I wonder if more complicated shader like HQFilter Smart Shader could be ported?

Edit: Whoah it could! o_O

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.zip (Size: 1,47 KB / Downloads: 7.128)
why you no give us GSDX with configurable SMAA D:
Didn't InjectSMAA work with pcsx2 already?

Anyway, this is my quick attempt at porting 4xGLSLHqFilter smart shader from ogl2 shader pack, there's probably something wrong but it seems to be working at least. Tongue2

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.zip   4xGLSLHqFilter smart (Size: 1,96 KB / Downloads: 13.071)
Well inject SMAA only works with smaa 1x to my knowledge not the better versions. Also I'm not sure on the method here but SMAA might not be possible depending on where in the pipeline this comes in. It could be useful for only post processing.
SMAA is possible since FXAA is.
Would be really nice of you to make a SSE41 Version of this GSDX. Anyways, the External Loader is quite helpful, its not like everytime I open Visual C++ and open the resource file to Change the settings of FXAA. Smile

Now, adding a New Shader to it and trying. Smile
Not really FXAA is a post process SMAA requires use of the gpu's multisampling hardware unless you want to do it in software which is kinda against the point. So if cetain data is already lost MSAA\SSAA becomes impossible.

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