FFXED: Final Fantasy X Save Editor
1.Export your save to .psu format
2.Open the save with FFXED and do the changes you want
3.While saving if you just click on the Save button,it will overwrite the save the you open but if you use Save as,you must choose from the "Files of Types" drop down menu "FFX PSU Save (*.psu)".
If you choose from there FFX RAW Save (*.*) you will create damaged save which you can't use

4.When importing the edited save,you must first delete the existing save from the memory card because mymc can't overwrite save...just select the save and use File=>Delete menu and after that import the edited save.

Just to be sure,make a backup of your save before editing it with FFXED.

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Well I looked at the file and there does seem to be some sort of error with it. FFXED doesn't have a problem reading it but mymc rejects it. I will need a copy of the original unmodified file so I can try to figure out what happened.

Also, please post the file as an attachment. Put it into a ZIP or RAR so the forums will accept it. Do not email me.
fuzzymillipede most likelly this is the problem.
If you open a psu save,do some changes(it doesn't really matter if you do actually)and then save as raw,FFXED will really save the save as raw but for the name will use the same name as the original save and will add psu extension but the save is actually the raw file only with changed name and extension.

If you rename the file to the correct raw name and place it in some mymc supported save and add the correct Root\ID,the save will work(mymc will be able to import and and the game to load it)
Yes, vsub is correct. That is actually a raw save not a PSU save.
thanks so much I got it to work now but um question in blitzball if you give your team all stats and lvl 99 and what not will those stats be implemented in the storyline tournament?
No, the data is reset before the first Blitzball game.
(05-24-2012, 09:54 PM)fuzzymillipede Wrote: No, the data is reset before the first Blitzball game.

ah ok I just checked the previous post sorry bout that also I noticed this was hardly mentioned except when you brought it up but is there anyway to make that guy guarding the caladbolg move because Ive already set it to where I defeated the girl in Catcher Chocobo but the guy is still there is there a reason why?
The guy only moves immediately after you defeat the chocobo trainer. If you go to a different area or reload the game, he will go back to his old spot.
Dear fuzzymillipede

Would you like to help me making .pnach file for this :
It's very cool

Thanks in advance Biggrin

No need.
I just found fuzzymillipede's tool to convert the code to .pnach file
Anyway, below is the code if somebody here want to try
(save as 658597E2.pnach)

gametitle=Final Fantasy X - International (J) [SLPS_250.88] [658597E2]
//Yojimbo Controlling
patch=1,EE,00ADF6EA,extended,00000001 //- Yojimbo can use Daigoro
patch=1,EE,00ADF74A,extended,00000001 //- Yojimbo can use Kozuka
patch=1,EE,00ADF7AA,extended,00000001 //- Yojimbo can use Wakizashi (target one)
patch=1,EE,00ADF80A,extended,00000001 //- Yojimbo can use Wakizashi (target all)
patch=1,EE,00ADF86A,extended,00000001 //- Yojimbo can use Zanmato
//Zanmato overkill
I am playing FFX International and have used the FFXED file to give myself some key items and items that would ordinarily be too much of a hassle to get. However, my game seems to freeze when I try to fight Belgemine at Mi'ihen Road or Isaaru in the Via Purifico (the screen transitions to battle, and the video freezes about halfway through the transition, but the audio keeps playing). is this a problem that FFXED could have caused, or is it something that FFXED could potentially fix?

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