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Full Version: [LIST] Games that may not work well with MTVU
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thanks for the clarification. but, I think you should have mentioned it in the OP. (to prevent confusion)
Well it wasn't really as such when I made the thread - I wasn't aware such a thing was possible. I'll think of a wording and put it in the OP.
Since MTVU does have some issues with a handful of games (in the grand scheme of things Laugh) is there any chance PCSX2 could have MTVU-toggle hacks applied to those specific games? Right now speedhacks are/can be automated based on the game but I don't think that applies to MTVU, which is always on or always off.


Also, I do think the MTVU issues could very well be processor specific. For instance, I don't suffer from any slowdown (well, anything that the original PS2 doesn't already suffer from in intense scenes) whilst playing Odin's Sphere with MTVU enabled. This is on an i5-2500k at 4Ghz. Though this also could be due to overall framerate beyond the 25/30/50/60 PS2 limits, so if someone is running with a limiter disabled and they get 180fps with MTVU disabled and 120fps with MTVU enabled, then I guess that counts as a slowdown. To me I only count slowdown or issues if they bring the game under the standard PS2 framerates, like Odin's Sphere running at 52fps rather than 60fps, etc.
enabling MTVU hack automatically doesn't provide much benefits since, it differs according to both the games and the processor's.
It also even depends on the scene in the game.

For instance I've found several games where MTVU helps at certain points and causes slowdown at others.
Necro! But with reason. DT Racer added to the list, went to fix the microVU bug which wasn't there, it was caused by this.

Added to the list.
FIFA Street (SLES-53064)

Doesn't boot with MTVU
Added, thanks Smile
Woo haven't seen this thread in a while. Thanks ref!
(10-23-2016, 04:25 AM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: [ -> ]Woo haven't seen this thread in a while. Thanks ref!

No probs man, I got your back Smile
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