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Full Version: PCSX2Bonus - A PCSX2 launcher / frontend
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Hmmm okkkk
It looks awesome, but it doesn't work. It keeps saying the directory is invalid, that it can't find the folder sstates. Its there, I have no clue why it can't be seen.

By the way Windows 7 x64.
Extract it on that folder where u install pcsx2..and it works.


I'm just curios about something. What would happen if the site where the launcher goes to fetch the game cover image goes down? wouldn't we be out of luck or what would you do? I know it is only a small aesthetic thing, but still.
DexBonus, Quick question and sorry if this was answered before. But could you add support for a custom shader file config? I use Asmodean's shader and it works great. But i don't like the blurriness of fxaa so i turn it off, I'd like to turn it on for my games i have to run in software mode though, So they look less jagged.
Is there a way to change the name of the games? If not, no biggie
drag and drop iso does not working, i'm using win 8.

and could you add default value for VU / EE stuff?, bold it like in pcsx2 is ok too, and add a default executable output folder

Where u drop ur iso
It looks like nice.
Have you planed to make it free software (as in free speech) ? What about GNU/Linux compatibility ?
Sorry if this has been brought up already this is quite a long thread.

First off I want to say that the front end is awesome but I'm getting impeded by one bug that may not be common seeing as I'm one of few PC gamers using a non MS game pad let alone two non MS game pads.

It seems that Bonus is ignoring Lilypad's default settings and forcing my designated game pad 1 as game pad 2.
For some reason I can not access Lilypad's config screen from the front end.

Although very practical and convenient for tailoring each game individually, I was wondering if there was also a way to turn off any influence that Bonus has over my default emulator configuration.

Common sense would suggest to just spend the little bit of energy to set down game pad 1 and pick up game pad 2 but my game pad 2 is an older model with less features.