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Full Version: PCSX2Bonus - A PCSX2 launcher / frontend
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(08-28-2017, 09:02 PM)DARK A Wrote: [ -> ]thanks so much but it no longer works gamefaq updated thier website and now cant search anything can you plz update your software or at least give source code and what did you program it on c++ ?

For the love of Zod, don't quote the entire instructions when asking a question..

Best advice is to use Spectabis ( https://pcsx2.net/download/category/35-frontends.html ) , as that is currently maintained and thus is not going to have as many bugs, and better support than this old add-on.
Hi guys, I've gone through all the pages and cant seem to find a straight answer, im having the file not found error with the data directory, someone posted they changed the settings file but not what they changed, ive tried selecting the pcsx2 folder for both, ive tried the folder in my docs which has all the folders it asks for above and just get the same message, not sure what im doing wrong as I used this before but a reinstall is making me do it all again, thanks in advance if anyone can help it would be much appreciated Smile