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just some minor gui issues that bug me.Just leaving feedback not trying to start trouble. here are some of my suggestions:

1. auto save feature.. automatically make save states every 5 minutes just incase a computer crash or a pcsx2 crash deletes all ur hard work in ur game. The auto save feature should be able to be adjusted to save at any designated time e.g. auto save every 5, 10, 15 minutes etc.

2. pause function.. the escape button minimises the game window, pausing the game and brings forward the pcsx2 window. i find this cumbersome when trying to save/load state or trying to change settings etc. id prefer escape to minimise the game window into a small box, with the programme hard-pausing (not ingame pause) the game. This way the window wont minimise to the taskbar its just on the left of the pcsx2 window. so when youve finished changing your controller settings or whatever you can just click and resume ur game. (this ones kinda hard to explain but obvious when using the program)

3. save/load state shortcuts.. ctrl s to save ingame etc.

4. id prefer fullscreen as default without having to press alt+enter
1.It doesn't look like you are too worried that pcsx2 may crash if you want such feature.If you are really worried you should save manually.
BTW for people like me with week pc,if such option can't be completely disabled,it will freeze the game for few second till the state is created(the cpu usage here goes up when when I'm creating states)

Guess people started to forget what it was to play on PS2 and be able to save only when you reach a save point

2.Use Win+D(win is the widows button)to minimize all(even the full screen pcsx2)and then restore the gui if you want to do something.
If you don't know F1 is used to save savestates F2 to switch to another savestate and F3 to load savestate(why would you want to exit to the gui and then load/save state from the menus)

3.F1,F2 and F3 are the shortcuts....do you mean separate shortcut for each state(some emulators load states like this Ctrl+1 to load state 1,Ctrl+2 to load state 2...Shift+1 to save on save state slot 1,Shift+2 to save on slot 2 and so on)

4.Config=>Emulation Settings=>GS Window=>Default to fullscreen mode on open
nice, appreciate the info!
2) "Config > Emulation Settings > GS window > Hide window when paused" untick that one and you won't have to worry about it minimizing the game window. In fact in fullscreen mode it will just bring the main PCSX2 window to the front so you can change whatever.
This is not a vital feature, but once the core emulator is deemed "up to snuff" by the community, I think this would be a feature that would set PCSX2 apart even among the emulation community even more than it already is.

If anyone here has used Spotify, this feature idea is a lot like the Facebook integration used in that. This feature would look at your Facebook friends (or a list of friends from another social network, or maybe even the PCSX2 community?) and display what they are playing, what version of PCSX2 they're using, and display lists of their favorite games and what games they had recently played. Also, it could display any recent posts on the forums or something like that. I think that something that would tie the pcsx2.net site to the actual pcsx2 software together would make the entire experience more coherent and enjoyable for incoming users.
All game will run on a profile mode.
suppose "shadow of colossus" have "soc profile".Each profile have its own emulator configuration and game will run on this predefined(will vary with certain depth with user PC configuration,can be done by somekinda algorithm) configuration,however advance user can alter configuration profile from "start menu>pcsx2>gameID>configure" or "start menu>pcsx2>configure for all game"
Integration of Windows Media Center.(WMC)
When someone install pcsx2,it will patch "eres.dll" or WMC files sothat a new menu appear on WMC named "PCSX2".Under this there can be games with thumbnail(this can be game cover**) and configure(minimalistic-only basic option that everybody understands) button and "Install/Uninstall PS2 game for PCSX2" button and "setup OPN network"
**Install feature will add gamecover(as game itself does not have it,so user can input the cover file or cover can be retrieved from wikipedia with user's permission or such) and it will make link to gamefile.When user insert dvd into drive,it will make a iso file and ask user where to save.
Game will be executed directly from WMC.
How about "Open PCSX2 Network(OPN)"?(similar to PSN)
Trophy support,Cross game chat,gameplay streaming to friend sothat they can see my gameplay,multiplayer,notification of friend online or offline.
among all I have said,one thing will be very difficult it seems that is "multiplayer support(Not ps2's ***** multiplayer.I dont like itAngry)"
(09-15-2011, 12:07 PM)mistic_cave Wrote: [ -> ]Lot's of stuffs...

You must be kidding, right Tongue2
No I am serious.
let me tell something about later things.

TrophyWackouppose I killed medusa in god of war 1,then pcsx2 will send(pcsx2 will only send information at some specific memory address(where there is some ingame event such as killing a boss or find a hidden sword etc)) somekinda memory address to server you configured in WMC.There located a php script which task is to verify the information with a mysql database and send a trophyID.png to user's pcsx2 and pcsx2 will show you that you have earned a trophy "medusa's kissLaugh".Afterward this trophy will be synced with server's forum.A nice javascript button can be added into pcsx2's user profile(not only in user's cp but also everywhere).When I click that "status button",that naughty script will tell me "rama has just got medusa's kiss!"
So you want us to develop a web server and php scripts, to do all these stuff, along with coding a PS2 emulator? You must be kidding Tongue (not to mention there is no way to 'know' when someone kills a boss or anything like that in a game without having access to the game's source) Although you are welcome to do it yourself Laugh
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