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(02-02-2017, 05:47 PM)CK1 Wrote: [ -> ]That whole procedure looks rather complicated Tongue

What are your PC specs? If you have a NVIDIA GPU, Moonlight would be a great solution. I've added PCSX2 manually to GFE and Moonlight has no issues streaming to my Win10 Thinkpad/Android (It's also available on iOS)

If you want to easily unlock your PC, download Teamviewer and set up unattended access

This is the card I am using: http://www.sapphiretech.com/productdetia...4500745BC9

The system is: Windows 10 Pro-64 bit, Core i7 4770 (8 GB RAM), and a gigabit-router. I was planning on buying a DS4 controller to play all sorts of games, and I have a tablet stand, too.

To be quite frank this whole procedure is a piece of cake (and there's no delay in the streaming, not that I noticed), apart from the fact that you need to leave the PC on and operate it to select some specific game (or option, like the GS codes for PS1). But you could leave it on and after establish a conection open the emulator (if it isn't already open) and the game in the iPAD app (or simply resume). To do any of this is very quick, unless the emulator is not optimized for this sort of use.

What is really sad is the fact that, as I described here, only a few emulators work this way. You find 2 or 3 that work perfectly and then 12, 13 that don't. I was thinking of using a Virtual Machine to not experience this sort of restriction, I don't know yet if would make any difference.

What I don't understand is why is so hard to develop an emulator that could go fullscreen in such scenario and avoid giving those errors when you try. Perhaps it's more complicated than appears. Yet I sense it can't be more complex than improving the whole thing. Take Saturn emulation, for example. How hard could it be for SSF to boot ISO files compared to overhauling to make it work exactly like Dolphin (GameCube) behaves when using this app?

P.S. Just tried this TeamViewer and it didn't work as expected. I couldn't hide the mouse while zooming and using the N64 emulator (which can't be compared with others) it became very slow in the app, not in the PC. So it's inferior to the Microsoft Remote Desktop for this job.
Since this is a pinned thread, I guess the 8 month rule doesn't apply. Anyways, would there be a setting where you can lock the framerate to keep the emulation consistent? Something similar to V-sync?
Are you referring to internal or external framerate? There's nothing you can do to control internal framerate besides stabilize it with EE cyclerate adjustments. As for external framerate, the framelimiter handles that.
I was referring to internal framerates. But I guess I could try stabilizing it with the EE cyclerate tweaks. I'm running the emulator from my laptop (which can be seen in my signature) and I get spikes in performance in battery mode.
my suggestion is for an updating system that when a new build has came it will notify the user that a new build has came.
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