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Full Version: PCSX2 Translator Application/Translation Guide
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I would like to translate the guide 0.9.8 into Traditional Chinese aka zh_TW
However I won't translate the quick start guide unless there is a Translator Template for it Smile
Sure go ahead Smile I'll post a template for the quick start too Tongue
Thanks for another template, good it's before Skyrim releaseTongue, still have something that's called free time heheh ~ translated to polish. I think even if it's short it lacks the usual thanks/credits in the end, soo I added it on my own in translation, at least thanks for avih(anyone else to add?).

Edit: oh almost forgot, should we translate this too?Tongue It's not soo long soo I wouldn't mind, through command line is probably also one of those things that newbie(assuming any more advanced pc user knows english) wouldn't touch;P.
Yeah leave that I guess it's only for the hardcore users which aren't too many Tongue
Miseru99 is missing from 1st post under the headline Finished Translations: for guide 0.9.8 translation.
As I visit http://pcsx2.net/guide.php where guide version is 0.9.8 by Miseru99.
Bositman, I have to admit I have no time for translation at all due to my job and study.. I am sorry to say that 3 weeks later.. Could you please exclude me from the 0.9.8 russian guide w.i.p. in the first post of this thread
Well it's ok if you will do it eventually and since we don't have anyone else doing Russian I'll leave you there and you finish it whenever you got time Wink
Ok! sounds fine!
(11-01-2011, 04:21 AM)kihsu Wrote: [ -> ]I can handle the french 0.9.8 guide if it's needed

Sorry folks, I won't be able to make the translation in time, frak Skyrim Glare

Sill Working on it though
Hello all, I've registered to the forum just now. I was wondering if you needed translations done in Japanese. If I am to do so, my question is that will I be obligated to do both translations for the "Guide" and "Program (GUI)" or just either one? I'm fluent and confident in both English and Japanese. I would love the opportunity to contribute toward the community Smile