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Full Version: PCSX2 Translator Application/Translation Guide
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Ok, whenever you do it, i'll be available for translation. Smile
(08-12-2011, 01:28 AM)Bositman Wrote: [ -> ]miseru99 I've applied a nightly patch from the mybb team for this, could you cross check that the html is not being parsed now as it is supposed to? Thanks

Sorry for being late with that, but yeah it's working as it should now, can simply copy from the code box with all formating.Smile
(08-06-2011, 02:57 AM)miseru99 Wrote: [ -> ]@pcsx2fan And no I'm not a masochist to do it knowing I'll potentially need to change it later;D I really wanted and did it couse last polish guide was 0.9.6 which IS heavilly outdated even to 0.9.7(pretty much an complete interface change). Heh I even wrote same thing where you commented it with 0.9.7 being nearly same to 0.9.8, yup rightWink - but polish guide was even older, that's from what I get motivation to do it;/.

@ miseru99
I was talking to Bostiman for the suggestion cuz AFAIK only he is responsible for translation template thread, sorry for the lack of object after the verb "suggest" was causing misunderstanding.
(08-05-2011, 05:36 AM)pcsx2fan Wrote: [ -> ]However I suggest also write a section for changes from guide-0.9.7 to guide-0.9.8 in guide translation template thread, for updating existing guide-0.9.7, leave 90% of same contents copy and paste from guide-0.9.7 to guide-0.9.8.
Configuration guide updated to v0.9.8. Quick start guide also released, not sure if we will be taking translations for it but why not? Tongue
Check them out here:

Translator template for the comprehensive guide here: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Translato...late-0-9-8

can i please apply for the Arabic translation Squall doesn't seem to be active and he even didn't complete the 0.9.7 guide Sad

yeah it is incomplete it ends up after the Graphics section

anyway can i have it Smile

Sure go ahead Wink
OK Smile
I'll do the 0.9.8 guide in HU then.

edit: the quick start as well, once I'm done with the main guide.
(10-21-2011, 03:52 PM)bmate Wrote: [ -> ]I'll do the 0.9.8 guide in HU then.

edit: the quick start as well, once I'm done with the main guide.

Cool Smile Hm we might edit the quick start later so start with the big one and after you're done start the other one Wink
@bositman i am thinking of doing the hindi translation for pcsx2 0.9.8 but the thing is that my mom is hell bent upon me studying cuz i got my exams next year which is very important.....i'll start working on it and i'll tell u when um done since nobody has ever done hindi translation....just give anyone if they offer to do this...i'll finish it off probably after my exams...please don't mind...