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Full Version: PCSX2 Translator Application/Translation Guide
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You can get em from the link posted by bmate above:

Keep in mind goldeng has already translated up to some revision, so don't start from 0 Tongue
can we inject different POT files ( what i mean ) Smile ?

unification of a 2 POT with the same original text buttake the translation that are not in the 1st to the 2nd Smile

Edit : the 1.5 version of POedit is bugged a i have found a link for 1.4.6 for the time being here
OMG ! Hard to translate, but I can do it ^^

EDIT: POedit can't work on my computer. I try to fix it now..
EDIT 2: It should be more hard than I expected... If I find a solution, I'll try to make a toturial Smile (but if there is already one)
EDIT 3: I think I found a solution.. Lets try it !
EDIT 4: Nope, it' don't work
get 1.4.6 from here : http://poedit.en.softonic.com/

1,5 is bugged
I took a break to play a bit Blacklight Tongue
I'm sorry, but my English isn't good enought to translate PCSX2's files... (ther are munch more hard than I expected). I'll try to do my best to translate the guides, and I'm currently working on the quick guide.
Sorry again Sad
The Hardware Language is very difficult i ensure that

some words are barely understandable in English to me rather than translating it to another Language

which might don't have an equal word ....

anyway if you can't that's totally fine Smile

and the Iconized file is very small and Ultra hard while the main is much easier ... Laugh
Don't worry about it Smile You can always skip the stuff you can't translate and submit an incomplete translation, still better than no translation at all Tongue
Ok I didn't deleted the files, and I translated about 15%. I'll try to translate the maximum I can