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Full Version: PCSX2 Translator Application/Translation Guide
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Sure, translations have been on a hiatus for too long now, would be pretty nice for someone to pick it up again Smile
I want to apply for translating quick start guide to Croatian.

Is there a template for it?
Oh,thx,didn't noticed the other code on my phone
Hello all (gui) translator.

Ping me if you have a new (po) version that we want to upload on PCSX2. Don't wait too much because my free time slot will soon dissapear Wink
Just to mention it I started translating GUI also.
Hey i am translating into catalan for now i have translated this:

Setup Wizard :100%

percentage of pcsx2_Main.po : 13%
percentage of pcsx2_Iconized.po : 53%
Still need something translated into dutch?
(02-26-2014, 09:50 PM)NonXistant Wrote: [ -> ]Still need something translated into dutch?

Sure, both configuration guide and program do not have a proper Dutch translation.
To discuss. Now that we have move to git. Maybe we can ease the integration of new po.

You can fork pcsx2 project on github, update the pofile. Then send me a pull request.
1/ for me, I can integrate your work with a couple of click.
2/ you keep "author name" of the commit.
3/ your work get faster on the latest release (at least the po file). Maybe it would be nice to send the mo file too in git.

What do you think?